Shotorama training course, 29 September 2018

Shotorama training course, 29 September 2018

SHOTORAMA 2018Many of you will remember Sensei John Parnell (6th Dan) and Sensei Neil Jerome (5th Dan) who have been guest instructors at Senshi Karate. These are just two of 9 instructors (including our very own Sensei Frank!) from six karate clubs who will be hosting a special training course in Guildford.

Shotorama is a 6 hour festival of shotokan karate designed to bring together instructors from clubs across the southern region with a broad range of experience and technical know-how, as well as a love of teaching karate.

Senshi Karate will probably not be running a class that day to accommodate this special course (and because Sensei Frank will be teaching and training at Shotorama!) so feel free to attend. It’s £30 per person on the door, but you get great a discount if you book in advance or if you book for the whole family. Go have a look, plan your transport and book!

Shotorama – a festival of shotokan karate



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