Term dates – summer & autumn 2018

Term dates – summer & autumn 2018

Summer term ends

  • 25 July, last class in Charlton
  • 28 July, last class in Greenwich
  • NOTE: If there is sufficient demand, we might run classes 18 August onwards. Like last year, these will be dress down August classes: wear what you like. Let us know asap if you want us to run these

Autumn term begins

  • 1 September, first class in Greenwich
  • 5 September, first class in Charlton
  • Price:
    • £6 PAYG pay as you go, price frozen again. Or
    • PayPal £81£81 for one class per week for the full term upfront. This gives you 15 classes with a 10% discount which is 1½ classes free! Pay in cash, bank transfer (ask us for details) or PayPal by clicking on the button
  • NOTE: No class 29 September as we’re going to Shotorama! This is not included in term upfront payments – you must pay for this separately. 

Autumn term ends

  • 15 December, last class in Greenwich
  • 19 December, last class in Charlton

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