Beginners course, September 2019

Beginners course, September 2019

New to karate and want to start? Are you an adult or a child 6 years or older? Join our 10 week course starting 7 September in Greenwich and 11 September in Charlton and get your first belt on 16 November !

What you will learn?

  1. Chin punch – Oi tsuki jodan
  2. Stomach punch – Oi tsuki chudan
  3. Rising block – Jodan age uke
  4. Stomach block – Chudan soto uke
  5. Front kick – Mae geri
  6. Basic pattern – Kihon Kata
  7. 3-step (Sanbon) or 5-step (Gohon) sparring (Kumite) attacking with chin punch and stomach punch

Ready to start your journey in karate? Great! Come to class in September. Email Sensei Frank to reserve your place.

How much?

£150 per person. This includes:

  • 20 classes of 1 hour each: 10 in Greenwich starting 7 September, 10 in Charlton starting 11 September. So, training twice a week.
  • Student karate uniform with white belt
  • Training for 1.5 hours followed by exam with the 8th degree black belt guest examiner on 16 November
  • Orange belt if/when you pass in November
  • That’s 21.5 hours of karate. That works out to be £6.90 per hour with a free uniform plus an orange belt.
  • The only other cost is for a licence & insurance directly from our association body Karate Union of Great Britain. This is £25 per child / £30 per adult

How to book

Email Sensei Frank to reserve your space and then pay as follows:

Remember, you have two classes to decide. If you decide you don’t want to do karate, then you may walk away without it costing you a penny. If you decide to stay, then you must pay by the third class.


  • You must pay the full amount upfront by the third class
  • No refunds
  • Your one-off payment covers all classes up to 16 November. If you wish to continue training after that, you can pay the balance of the Autumn term at the reduced rate of £6 per class
  • You must pay for a licence & insurance from our association body Karate Union of Great Britain. This is £25 per child / £30 per adult. This is not a payment to Senshi Karate and is renewable annually
  • The uniform will only be made available once you’ve paid the full amount
  • You must be at least 6 years old
  • You don’t have to train all 21 classes: this is karate, not the army! But you probably won’t be ready for your orange belt in November. That’s fine, you can continue training and grade at our next exam in Spring 2020
  • If you don’t want to commit the £150 and train twice a week, that’s fine. You can still train on a pay as you go basis, £7 per class and buy the uniform separately and grade in Spring 2020 or whenever we believe you’re ready
  • The external examiner will assess you independently and fairly. We will teach you what you need to pass your first belt, orange. The rest is up to you. In our experience, adults pick it up quicker than children, but if you train with us twice a week over the 10 weeks, have a good attitude and are determined, you should be ready to grade to orange belt on 16 November! Remember, money doesn’t buy you karate success: hard work does!

📩 Contact us

Full Autumn 2019 term details here.

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