Summer term 2020

Summer term 2020

Summer term 2020 will be as follows:

  • Greenwich 9.15am Saturdays: 18 April – 25 July 2020
  • Charlton 6.30pm Wednesdays: 22 April – 29 July 2020

The Greenwich and Charlton terms are both 15 weeks. The price will remain as £7 per person per class pay as you go.

If you attend all 15 weeks, that comes to £105 per person for Greenwich or Charlton if you pay as you go. You can get a £15 discount for the term if you pay upfront. That’s £6 per person per class: 15 x £6 = £90. That’s 2 free classes so even if you miss a couple of classes you’re still no worse off than if you pay as you go! Want to train twice a week or there are two of you? No problem: just double up according to how many days or people who train. Please pay no later than the first class back: 

  • PayPal (don’t tick the “goods” box as PayPal will deduct a fee and your payment will be short)
  • Bank transfer (ask for details)
  • Cash. Due to coronavirus, we would prefer you to pay by PayPal or bank transfer

Don’t forget, whether you’re an existing student or a new student, you must be licensed directly by our association body Karate Union of Great Britain as this is your insurance and permission to train & grade. This is £25 per child / £30 per adult.

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