Training & kyu grading, 20 October 2021

Training & kyu grading, 20 October 2021

We’ve arranged another grading for those students who missed the one in July and for 11th & 10th kyus. This time, we will run a combined training course too. We’re delighted to announce that guest instructor and Shotokan Nation grading examiner Sensei Robin Dale will run the training and grading for us. He is our Sensei Frank’s former instructor and runs Ichiban SKC in Sussex with his wife Sensei Val. Sensei Robin has competed at regional and national level and hosted two European Shotokan Karate Association Championships, but says his real passion is training and learning from other instructors and he has just achieved 6th Dan (along with Sensei Val).

Sensei Robin Dale, 6th Dan

Please note, we have combined all classes into one all grades class, so it will be busy! Please be flexible and don’t turn up late as you will interrupt the class.

  • 5.30-6.00pm: Registration
  • 6.00-7.00pm: Training all grades
  • 7.00pm onwards: Grading

Points to note:

  • Training: £7 (or included for those who pay term upfront for Wednesdays).
  • Grading: £15. This includes your belt & certificate if you’re successful.
  • Please pay in advance for the training & grading so that the day runs smoothly
  • Cash, PayPal or bank transfer. No cheques.
  • This event is for Senshi Karate students only
  • Parking is tight on Wednesdays as there are a variety of football users so make sure you turn up early. Don’t forget, if you use the car park you must pay for parking via RingGo.
  • There are changing rooms but these have limited space.
  • The bar will be open and will sell bottles of water, energy drinks, tea and coffee, crisps. And beer for those who aren’t training or driving! It is customary to pop to the bar for a lemonade after the grading.

CHARLTON | Meridian Sports & Social Club, Charlton Park Lane, Charlton, SE7 8QS (parking fee via RingGo)

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