Senshi Karate Halstow – Expectations

Congratulations to your child and welcome to Senshi Karate Halstow! Places are limited and your child has a great chance to develop karate skills, improve their discipline, coordination and strength.

Karate training includes the observance of dojo etiquette which is essential to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning the art of karate. We would be grateful if you would go over with your child the following expectations that we have of all our students in order to facilitate the smooth running of the class. If your child is not able to meet these, we will need to discuss this with you and could subsequently lead to them losing their place in the class. We will reiterate these to the children at the beginning of the classes.

  1. Students must turn up on time as the school gate is locked at 8am and we are not able to admit them after that.
  2. We expect good behaviour from all students. They must not run around in the hall unless part of an exercise, should not mess around, hit or kick others.
  3. Students must show respect and must not be rude.
  4. Students must engage in the class properly, listen and do as they are instructed during the class.
  5. Students must change after class by themselves, put their karate uniforms away and head straight to registration.

Available as a PDF

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