Summer term 2023

Summer term 2023

Summer term 2023 will be as follows:

  • Greenwich Saturdays 9.00am & 9.55am: 15 April – 22 July 2023
  • Charlton Wednesdays 5.30pm, 6.35pm & 7.40pm: 19 April – 19 July 2023

Are you new to the club? Our minimum age is 6 years old. Contact Frank by email to reserve your place.

Class prices:

  • We are freezing prices for Summer 2023
  • £8 per class pay as you go
  • £84 if you pay upfront for the full term which is £6 per class, a saving of £28. So even if you miss 4 or 5 classes for half-term or illness, you’re still better off than if you pay as you go! It also gives you a discount off our next kyu grading on 3 June. Details here.
  • The Greenwich and Charlton terms are both 14 weeks and run through half term but please note, there will be no class 10 June as all instructors will be attending the Shotokan Connect course the same day. Therefore the Greenwich term will extend by one week.
  • Want to train twice a week or there are two of you? No problem: just double up according to how many days or people who train.
  • Please pay no later than the first class back. Payment details are below. Please note there are no refunds. If we are unable to run a class, we will carry over credit to the following term.

Other prices:

  • Uniform: £20 for kids & £25 for adults. These prices are discounted from the retail price and include the Senshi Karate logo and delivery to the dojo. Kids sizes are 110cm, 120, 130, 140 & 150 and adults sizes are 160cm, 170, 180, 190 & 200.
  • Annual licence: £25 per person. You must have a current licence from our association body as this is your insurance, permission to grade and train at Shotokan Connect courses: details here (click individual (or multiple if there’s more than one of you) and select Senshi Karate).
  • Gradings: £25-30 per grading. We hold 2-3 belt gradings a year, usually with a guest examiner. The cost includes your 1-hour training beforehand, the grading itself and, if you’re successful, your new belt & certificate.

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer: Account name: Senshi Karate, Sort: 826137, Account no: 20167155. Put your / your child’s name as the reference.
  • Credit card / debit card / contactless (in person only)
  • PayPal:
  • Cash
  • No cheques!

Keep an eye on our main dates page for all dates.

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