Classes & costs

GREENWICH | Saturdays | 9.15-10.15am, all grades
**Limited spaces so book ahead**
New Haddo Centre, 29 Tarves Way, Greenwich, SE10 9JU

CHARLTON | Wednesdays | 6.30-7.30pm juniors (new students & beginners to green belt only), 7.40-8.40pm seniors (purple, brown & black belts only)
Meridian Sports & Social Club, Charlton Park Lane, Charlton, SE7 8QS


  • Adults & children £6 per person per class if you pay for the full term upfront or £7 pay as you go
  • First class is FREE! (Note: normal price applies where we have a guest instructor)
  • Membership is FREE! Unlike other activities, we don’t tie you into onerous monthly or annual contracts. Train when you like, take time off when you like.
  • You will need a uniform. We can supply these with our club discount: £15 for kids, £20 for adults
  • You will also need to obtain a licence from our association body

How to pay for classes & uniform

  • PayPal (don’t tick the “goods” box as PayPal will deduct a fee and your payment will be short)
  • Bank transfer (ask for details)
  • Cash. Due to coronavirus, we would prefer you to pay by PayPal or bank transfer

How to pay for your licence

  • Obtain this directly from our governing body: