Training with Sensei Carl Howard, 23 Sept 17

Sensei Carl Howard, 5th Dan, from Ichiban Karate was on form (as ever) as our second guest instructor this year. He took the regular all grades class in Greenwich focusing on kihon and kata in advance of the upcoming grading. At one point he had everyone practising mai geri front kicks with the aid of a belt: if your foot touched the belt when doing your kick, your knee wasn’t high enough! This was a fun way of learning and for our students who have joined recently, this was a great opportunity to train with a senior instructor. Thanks everyone for coming and making such a great effort.

Sensei Carl then ran a second class for senior grades looking to take a Dan grade over the next couple of years. The senior class focused on advanced kihon and then Bassai Sho and Bassai Dai katas. Before Sensei Frank and his daughters moved to London, Sensei Carl was one of their instructors and they used to train together regularly so this was a great chance to catch up.




Training with Sensei Neil Jerome, 29 Jul 17

Neil Jerome

Sensei Neil Jerome, 5th Dan, was back in the UK briefly from Norway and we were delighted that he visited our usual Saturday morning class. Before he moved to Norway, Sensei Neil ran Kenmei karate in Sutton. On this trip, he split his time between Kanshin in Guildford, Kenmei and Senshi Karate.

He took the all grades class first, running through kihon and then we did partner work — even the white belts got to practise the all important mai geri kick and oi zuki punch. Afterwards he ran a special senior class for a few people approaching their (next) Dan gradings.

It was a great morning and everyone worked really hard. We hope to welcome him again next time he’s back in the UK.

Senshi Karate class with Sensei Neil 29 July 2017First, Sensei Neil took the all grades class (photo courtesy of Ann Li)IMG_20170729_113144-01

Then he took a senior class for those taking Dan grades over the next couple of months & years (photo Vijay Kudari / Frank Jennings)

Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 18 Oct 17

dsc_0026We’re delighted to be hosting Sensei Bob Rhodes, 8th Dan again for another Senshi Karate training and grading. Please note, this will be in place of our regular Wednesday evening class at our Charlton venue.

large hall upstairs, Meridian Sports & Social Club, Charlton Park Lane, Charlton, SE7 8QS

Arrive no later than 6.15pm to sign in

Training & grading: £30. Training-only: £15.
£6 discount for Senshi students who pay term upfront. No cheques. cash on the door or PayPal in advance

All-grades training for 1 hour then grading. You must train to grade

Bring your KUGB licence & grading book (and your grading card if you’re not a Senshi student). Make sure your licence is up-to-date: no licence, no gradingYou can print and send by post or apply online. Note, this fee goes to KUGB, not Senshi Karate.

Parking & changing onsite; limited shower facilities.


Training & grading with Sensei Garry Harford, 14 May 17

Senshi Karate attended the training and grading hosted by our friends at Egham Karate Club on Sunday 14 May with Sensei Garry Harford. There was an adult’s class with some thought-provoking kihon and then kumite drills. This was followed by a children’s class. It was a busy grading session but we had only one student grading this time and we’re delighted she passed. Congratulations! Here is our new grade at Senshi Karate:

– Stephanie, 8th kyu (red)

Photos courtesy of Arianna Jennings

Training & grading with Sensei Frank Brennan, 30 Apr 17

Senshi Karate attended the training and grading hosted by our friends at Chingford Tora on Sunday 30 April at their dojo at Walthamstow Academy with karate legend Sensei Frank Brennan. In the training class beforehand Sensei took everyone through all the areas required for the grading, working on getting techniques correct. We are once again delighted that all Senshi Karate students who took the grading passed. Congratulations to everyone! Here are the new grades at Senshi Karate:

– Vijay, 7th kyu (yellow)
– Jitin, 8th kyu (red)
– Esha, 8th kyu (red)
– Odysseas, 8th kyu (red)
– Eliana, 8th kyu (red)
– Jimmy, 8th kyu (red)

Photos courtesy of Ann Li & Frank Jennings

Train with the Champions course & grading, 10-14 Apr 17

A few of us from Senshi Karate attended the week long course in Paignton, Devon. There were two or more classes each day during the week with Senseis Terry O’Neill, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan who are all 8th Dans. We also had Sensei Andy Sherry teaching us who is 9th Dan and chief instructor of the KUGB. We all learned loads and will pass this on in the Senshi Karate classes. On the Friday at the end of the week there was a grading which two Senshi Karate students attended and they both passed! Congratulations to:

– Arianna, 1st kyu (brown + double white)
– Alaina, 3rd kyu (brown)



Photos courtesy of KUGB

Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 28 Jan 17

Senshi Karate hosted its first special training and grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes in Eltham. We were joined by other local clubs too and Sensei Carl from Ichiban Karate. Sensei Bob took the senior grades through bunkai for hangetsu then put all grades through their paces with some excellent kihon. This was followed by the grading and we are delighted that all who went for the grading passed. Congratulations all! These are the new grades from Senshi Karate:

– Arianna, 2nd kyu (brown + white)
– Alaina, 4th kyu (purple + white)
– Vijay, 8th kyu (red)
– Jitin, 9th kyu (orange)
– Stephanie, 9th kyu (orange)
– Esha, 9th kyu (orange)
– Odysseas, 9th kyu (orange)
– Eliana, 9th kyu (orange)
– Jimmy, 9th kyu (orange)