Social distancing

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Sport England has confirmed we are allowed to continue classes as we have implemented the required social distancing measures. Here are those measures:

  • Here’s what YOU must do:
    1. You must not attend class if you, or someone you live with, has:
      • A high temperature
      • A new, continuous cough
      • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste
    2. Attend the right class:
      • Saturday classes in Greenwich have limited numbers. Please don’t turn up unless Sensei has told you there’s space.
      • Juniors (beginners to green belt) may attend 6.30pm Wednesdays in Charlton
      • Seniors (purple, brown & black belts) may attend 7.40pm (not 6.30pm) Wednesdays in Charlton
      • New students may attend 6.30pm Wednesdays or, if booked in advance, on Saturdays
      • More info about our classes here
    3. Ideally pay in advance as this will guarantee your place. You can still pay cash on the day – please bring the right money and put it in an unsealed envelope.
    4. Wear a face covering to and from the venues. You may remove it while training. Whatever type of face covering you use please take it home or dispose of it sensibly.
    5. Bring and use hand sanitiser (although the venues should provide this too).
    6. Wear training shoes. Not sliders. Not Crocs. Trainers or martial arts shoes please!
    7. Come in your gi, ready to train. You should not use the changing rooms.
    8. No kiai, shouting or forceful exhaling.
    9. Maintain 2m distance from other students. No contact with other students.
    10. Reduced opportunities for kumite, distanced, more emphasis on speed & timing.
    11. Parents must remain outside the dojo and remain socially-distanced if the class is full.
    12. Provide full contact details to help us control numbers and for track and trace.
    13. Ensure your current KUGB licence is in date, particularly if you didn’t renew it during the lockdown. KUGB are offering a 3-month licence for £10 which might be good for new students. If you were training on Zoom during the lockdown you should renew for the full year as normal, particularly if you want to grade in November. Get your licence here.
  • Here’s what WE will do:
    1. Take your temperature before training to confirm you don’t have a high temperature and send you home without training if you do
    2. Limit the number of students in class to maintain 2m distance. We will use the full dojo, more lines, with movement forward and back, reduced side-to-side movements. We calculate that’s 32 in Charlton, 12 in Greenwich.
    3. We will still take cash on the day if you prefer, provided all the places haven’t been booked and paid in advance. We have more room in our Charlton dojo to do this but there are fewer places in our Greenwich dojo so our Greenwich classes are already fully booked.
    4. Wednesday classes are busiest so we will split those into junior grades (beginners to green belt) 6.30-7.30pm and senior grades (purple belts and higher) 7.40-8.40pm. Seniors should not attend the junior class until further notice. Saturdays are less busy so, for now, we will continue all grades class (but no new students). We will keep this under review.

We will monitor developments and will update these from time to time as the advice changes.