The instructor & family

Frank and his daughters

Senshi Karate is run by Sensei Frank Jennings, a 2nd Dan black belt who has been training since 1996. Frank’s two daughters also train and both are looking to take their black belt over the next couple of years. Frank trains regularly with Sensei Craig Raye 5th Dan at Marshall Street in central London and Sensei Robert Richards 4th Dan at Chingford Tora and before he moved to London he trained regularly with Senseis Rob and Vale Dale both 5th Dan at Ichiban in Crawley, Sussex. He also attends the KUGB-run black belt courses. In his time Frank has entered some competitions (and even won some medals).

Senshi & Karate

Senshi karate kanji.JPGSenshi or 戦士 means warrior or combatant.  It comprises the kanji 戦 (sen) meaning “war” and 士 (shi) meaning “A person with a certification”. It was originally connected with Samurai or warrior, who had a licence to kill.  In Japanese they use “侍” or “士” for Samurai.

Karate or 空手 means empty hand. It comprises the kanji 空 (kara) meaning “empty” and 手 (te) meaning “hand”. Karate is an unarmed martial art with its routes in Okinawa and, before that, in China. It trains you to defend yourself not just through skilful technique but also through awareness which will hopefully save you from getting into conflict in the first place.

So Senshi Karate means warrior unarmed combat!


KUGB logoSenshi Karate is a not-for-profit club, affiliated to the Karate Union of Great Britain, Britain’s largest shotokan karate organisation. All gradings are conducted by KUGB senior examiners independent of Senshi Karate.

Need to know more? Visit our FAQs page or contact Frank Jennings for more information sensei@senshikarate.com

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