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What about Covid-19?Due to Coronovirus and Covid-19, we’ve introduced a number of measures. Click here for more info.
New to karate?Beginners and new students are always welcome. Contact us to discuss.
What ages do you take?6 is our minimum age. We find children younger than that struggle with coordination, discipline & concentration. There’s no maximum age but be realistic. If you start karate when you’re older, you won’t be as fast as your 20-year-old self but you can still get to black belt.
Must I be fit?No. If you are very unfit or have a medical condition you need to be careful. Otherwise, you can build up your training and get fit as you go.
Will I get injured?Karate involves contact but so does football. While injuries can sometimes occur, we teach control and discipline.
Is Senshi Karate safe?We don’t teach full-contact karate but injuries can occur. We are insured and comply with the KUGB guidelines on child protection. 
Are you insured?Yes, we are insured as a club. Also, your KUGB licence means you are insured personally too.
Why do I need a KUGB licence?The annual licence provides your insurance cover and allows you to grade. You must obtain this from our association body (not us).
Is Senshi Karate family friendly?Yes. It is run by a family and is ideal for families. Parents and children can train alongside each other.
Is the instructor is DBS / CRB checked.Yes.
What are the benefits of karate?Karate is good for the body, the spirit and the mind. Here are 13 reasons why you and your child should take karate classes: Fitness & flexibility; Improved posture and coordination; Complements ballet, football, dance,  musical theatre; Self-defence; Mental resilience; Family time; Friendships; Fun; Discipline & focus; Self-confidence & respect; Memory; Teamwork; Goal setting
How often can I grade?If you train twice a week, you might be ready to grade again 3 months after your last grading (6 months between 1st Kyu and 1st Dan). Gradings are run by a senior instructor from the KUGB.
Why can’t I grade quicker?We teach quality karate. Some other associations allow you to grade very quickly, even if you’re not very good! If you want to grade quickly, go and join them instead. They probably won’t teach you much, but they’ll give you loads of belts and will be happy to take your money. If you want karate that actually works, stick with us. Be patient, work hard and the belts will come.
How long before the average person gets to black belt?The average person can’t get a black belt. They do karate for a while but quit before they get to black belt. Every person who gets to black belt is driven and focused. If this is you, and you train twice a week or more and are good enough, you might earn your black belt in about 3 years. Many people take 4-5 years or more.
What do the Japanese terms mean?Senshi Karate and KUGB use Japanese terminology. Not sure what the terms mean? Try this glossary.
What style of karate do you teach?Senshi Karate teaches shotokan. The KUGB syllabus is here (PDF).
How can I be sure Senshi Karate classes are good quality?Senshi Karate is a not-for-profit club, meaning the motivation is the karate, not the money. The senior instructor is a 3rd Dan black belt, has 20+ years experience of karate, trains regularly with senior instructors and attends the KUGB black belt courses. All gradings at Senshi Karate are conducted by 8th or 9th Dan KUGB senior examiners independent of Senshi Karate.
Who are the KUGB?The Karate Union of Great Britain is Britain’s largest shotokan karate organisation. It is headed up by Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan, who has devoted his life to karate.
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