Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 28 Jan 17

Senshi Karate hosted its first special training and grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes in Eltham. We were joined by other local clubs too and Sensei Carl from Ichiban Karate. Sensei Bob took the senior grades through bunkai for hangetsu then put all grades through their paces with some excellent kihon. This was followed by the grading and we are delighted that all who went for the grading passed. Congratulations all! These are the new grades from Senshi Karate:

– Arianna, 2nd kyu (brown + white)
– Alaina, 4th kyu (purple + white)
– Vijay, 8th kyu (red)
– Jitin, 9th kyu (orange)
– Stephanie, 9th kyu (orange)
– Esha, 9th kyu (orange)
– Odysseas, 9th kyu (orange)
– Eliana, 9th kyu (orange)
– Jimmy, 9th kyu (orange)


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