Training & kyu grading, 16 July 2022

Training & kyu grading, 16 July 2022

We were delighted to welcome back Sensei John Parnell 6th Dan to run another training session and to help our Sensei Frank run a kyu grading for us. Sensei Georges Dussart 6th Dan who runs a karate club in Canterbury also helped. Sensei Chris Mulville 4th Dan who runs Shiseikan SKC in Maidstone also attended along with some of his students. We were also honoured to have Sensei Neil Jerome 5th Dan over from Norway and he took the warm up.

We had 55 students grading from Senshi — another new record for our club — and 5 guests from Shiseikan and we’re delighted to say all of them passed. Well done all 60 students!

Here’s the list of everyone who graded and photos are below:

  • Lesley, 1st kyu (brown & 2 white stripes)
  • Tanya, 1st Kyu (brown & 2 white stripes)
  • Krijal, 3rd kyu (brown)
  • Sagar, 3rd kyu (brown)
  • Sanjna, 3rd kyu (brown)
  • Alyssa, 4th Kyu (purple)
  • Bethany, 4th Kyu (purple)
  • Kelsi, 4th Kyu (purple)
  • Kesia, 4th Kyu (purple)
  • Cedric, 6th kyu (green)
  • Noah, 6th kyu (green)
  • Aidan, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Anand, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Benjie, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Claire, 7th Kyu (yellow)
  • Deshna, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Diogo, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Harry, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Jack, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Nikash, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Paul, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Aashna, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Danyal, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Jo, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Logan, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Nicola, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Aminah, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Astrid, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Brody, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Chloe, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Daniyaal, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Diego, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Gabriel, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Jacob, 9th kyu (orange)
  • James, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Lily, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Louise, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Max, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Niall, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Sarah, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Tayla, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Wesley, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Zain, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Zakir, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Charlie,10th kyu (half white orange)
  • Gitansh, 10th kyu (half white orange)
  • Harry,10th kyu (half white orange)    
  • Hudson,10th kyu (half white orange)
  • Kitty, 10th kyu (half white orange)
  • Alex, 11th kyu (white + orange stripe)
  • Anna, 11th kyu (white + orange stripe)
  • Ethan, 11th kyu (white + orange stripe)
  • Jago, 11th kyu (white + orange stripe)
  • Joshua, 11th kyu (white + orange stripe)
  • Leo, 11th kyu (white + orange stripe)

The following students attended from Shiseikan and also successfully graded:

  • Tom, 4th Kyu (purple)
  • Miya, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Sofia, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Josh, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Tamanna, 9th kyu (orange)

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