Shotokan Connect Performance Course, 21 May 2023

Shotokan Connect Performance Course, 21 May 2023

On Sunday 21 May, about 30 Senshi Karate students joined students from other clubs for a Shotokan Connect Performance course. This was run in Shooters Hill near our normal venues and was expertly taught by Senseis Robin Dale and Jamie Sims again. This was a perfect opportunity for students to get in extra practice before our club kyu grading on 3 June and the imminent Dan grading on 10 June.

It was great to see a mix of our absolute beginners who had attended only a few (or in one case, no!) classes alongside our seasoned students including Senseis Frank, Alex and Arianna. White belt Lexie bravely talked us through Kihon Kata in front of the whole class which she is still learning. And yellow belt Logan delivered a thorough description of his kata Heian Sandan. After lunch we began kumite training and it was good to see our students sparring, again some for the first time!

Well done everyone. Here are some comments from our students:

“Good session” – Lesley

“Please pass on a big thank you to Rob and Jamie and everyone else who supported the event. We had a great time” – Jo

“Thank you to all of you for this opportunity. It was very empowering for me. All smiles in the family.” – Eliana

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