Training with Sensei Neil Jerome, 29 Jul 17

Neil Jerome

Sensei Neil Jerome, 5th Dan, was back in the UK briefly from Norway and we were delighted that he visited our usual Saturday morning class. Before he moved to Norway, Sensei Neil ran Kenmei karate in Sutton. On this trip, he split his time between Kanshin in Guildford, Kenmei and Senshi Karate.

He took the all grades class first, running through kihon and then we did partner work — even the white belts got to practise the all important mai geri kick and oi zuki punch. Afterwards he ran a special senior class for a few people approaching their (next) Dan gradings.

It was a great morning and everyone worked really hard. We hope to welcome him again next time he’s back in the UK.

Senshi Karate class with Sensei Neil 29 July 2017First, Sensei Neil took the all grades class (photo courtesy of Ann Li)IMG_20170729_113144-01

Then he took a senior class for those taking Dan grades over the next couple of months & years (photo Vijay Kudari / Frank Jennings)


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