Training with Sensei Carl Howard, 23 Sept 17

Sensei Carl Howard, 5th Dan, from Ichiban Karate was on form (as ever) as our second guest instructor this year. He took the regular all grades class in Greenwich focusing on kihon and kata in advance of the upcoming grading. At one point he had everyone practising mai geri front kicks with the aid of a belt: if your foot touched the belt when doing your kick, your knee wasn’t high enough! This was a fun way of learning and for our students who have joined recently, this was a great opportunity to train with a senior instructor. Thanks everyone for coming and making such a great effort.

Sensei Carl then ran a second class for senior grades looking to take a Dan grade over the next couple of years. The senior class focused on advanced kihon and then Bassai Sho and Bassai Dai katas. Before Sensei Frank and his daughters moved to London, Sensei Carl was one of their instructors and they used to train together regularly so this was a great chance to catch up.




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