Training with Sensei Carl Howard, 27 January 2018

Training with Sensei Carl Howard, 27 January 2018

img_20180127_101841-011881114791.jpegWe were delighted that Sensei Carl Howard, 5th Dan, from Ichiban  in Crawley returned to teach our regular Saturday all-grades class. He was pleased to see how everyone had improved since his last visit in September. He was also pleased to see new members had joined.

He took an all grades class first and got everyone practising kihon (basics) — and kata of course. He then broke us up into groups to run through bunkai, that is, the application of kata: the real reason we do kata.

Afterwards, he took a seniors class for brown and black belts, focusing on those going for black belt gradings in the near future. The seniors then went for a well-earned lunch afterwards!

It was a great day and we hope you all got something from it. We look forward to welcoming him again soon.



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