Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 21 February 2018

Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 21 February 2018

IMG_20180221_193630_01-01We were delighted once again to host Sensei Bob Rhodes, 8th Dan for our Senshi Karate training & grading at our dojo in Charlton.

Sensei likes to test how well people really know their karate and he got everyone to do their moves in a variety of ways. Then he got us all practising combinations to blow away the cobwebs. This was followed by partner work. And just as you started getting used to how one person moves and getting attuned to their rhythm, he changed us to be with someone else. This is a great way to keep karate fresh and unpredictable and for everyone to mix in the club. We then finished off the training class with everyone doing their grading kata. After that we held the grading.

This was the biggest training & grading session we’ve hosted to date, with 24 of our regular Senshi members training and 16 of them grading. We ran the class longer than normal too to make the most of Sensei’s expertise. We’re delighted to announce that everyone who went for their grading passed. Sensei gave each person individual feedback on how to improve before their next grading. Congratulations everyone. Here are our new grades:

IMG_20180221_192209– Vijay, 5th kyu (purple)
– Jitin, 6th kyu (green)
– Eliana, 6th kyu (green)
– Esha, 6th kyu (green)
– Jimmy, 6th kyu (green)
– Odysseas, 6th kyu (green)
– Anu, 8th kyu (red)
– Sagar, 8th kyu (red)
– Sanjna, 8th kyu (red)
– Ashton, 8th kyu (red)
– Stanley, 9th kyu (orange)
– Kelsi, 9th kyu (orange)
– Krigal, 9th kyu (orange)
– Louise, 9th kyu (orange)
– Charlie, 9th kyu (orange)
– Wilson, 9th kyu (orange)

IMG_20180221_202434-ANIMATION.gifMany thanks again to Ann for taking the photographs!

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