Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 1 May 2019

Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 1 May 2019

We were delighted to host Sensei Bob Rhodes, 8th Dan once again for a training and grading on Wednesday 1 May 2019. Sensei taught for about 75 minutes and got everyone to run through their syllabus in preparation for the grading. He pointed out that there is a danger of being swept if your stance is too narrow — by sweeping the leg of those with narrow stances! And he kept everyone in stance until they worked out to bend their knees! He also taught some combinations to get everyone thinking. We had a guest from Basingstoke karate club, Simon Holbrook, who made the 4-hour round trip just to train with us and Sensei Bob!

We had a record 29 students going for grading and we’re delighted to say they all passed. Here are our new grades:

– Vijay, 3rd kyu (brown)
– Jitin, 3rd kyu (brown)
– Esha, 3rd kyu (brown)
– Eliana, 4th kyu (purple + white)
– Rita, 5th kyu (purple)
– Lesley, 5th kyu (purple)
– Elena, 5th kyu (purple)
– Anu, 6th kyu (green)
– Sagar, 6th kyu (green)
– Sanjna, 6th kyu (green)
– Bethany, 6th kyu (green)
– Charlie, 6th kyu (green)
– Ashton, 6th kyu (green)
– Kelsi, 7th kyu (yellow)
– Krigal, 7th kyu (yellow)
– Max, 7th kyu (yellow)
– Wilson, 7th kyu (yellow)
– Dominic, 8th kyu (red)
– Stanley, 8th kyu (red)
– Kesia, 8th kyu (red)
– John, 9th kyu (orange)
– Mitchell, 9th kyu (orange)
– Stephan, 9th kyu (orange)
– Shilpa, 9th kyu (orange)
– Oliver, 9th kyu (orange)
– Sia, 9th kyu (orange)
– Aleks, 9th kyu (orange)
– Molly, 9th kyu (orange)
– Beryl, 9th kyu (orange)

Guest Simon Holbrook with Sensei Frank

Thanks to Ann and Alex for taking the photos!

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