Training with Sensei Cristina Finta, 5 February 2020

Training with Sensei Cristina Finta, 5 February 2020

We were pleased to welcome back Sensei Cristina Finta, 4th Dan. She has won an impressive number of medals and trophies in her competition career including several new ones since the last time she visited us, including as current KUGB kata champion!

In this class she focused on how to generate kime in your karate techniques. “Kime” is a Japanese term, from the verb “kimeru” meaning to decide. In karate, it is used to refer to focusing your techniques, to keep relaxed and then tense your muscles at just the right time when striking to generate power. This is one of the reasons why karate allows smaller people to defeat bigger people.

She ran us through some basic principles to get everyone to move faster, more dynamically, coordinating the breathing to produce more power. All of which helps generate kime. We then worked through kata to demonstrate kime.

It was a great class and everyone was impressed with the trophies that she kindly brought with her at our request. Maybe Senshi Karate will have a national champion one day…

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