Catch-up grading, 4 March 2023

Catch-up grading, 4 March 2023

A few students missed our recent grading in January, so we held a catch-up grading for them. Our Sensei Frank ran this grading alongside our regular senior class which was taken by Sensei Arianna. Congratulations to all eight who took part and we’re delighted that they passed:

  • Mitchell, 4th kyu (purple)
  • Paul, int 6th kyu (yellow + black stripe)
  • Charlie, 7th kyu (yellow)
  • Aashna, int 7th Kyu (red + black stripe)
  • Lily, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Nesh, 8th Kyu (red)
  • Korame, 9th kyu (orange)
  • Ethan, 10th kyu (half orange & white)

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