Training with Sensei Mike Barker, 18 November 2017

Training with Sensei Mike Barker, 18 November 2017

We were delighted to host Sensei Mike Barker, 3rd Dan, who is another of our Sensei Frank’s former instructors and training partners from Sussex. When we say “That block wouldn’t work against Big Mike” this is who we mean! He explained why we twist our hips on blocks – to make the blocks stronger. He also used a cycling analogy to explain how to move quicker – you push down on the pedal with your foot to go faster on the bike, so push down on the floor with your foot to move into stance quicker! He then took us through kihon (basics) and kata practice.

Sensei Mike then ran a second class afterwards for the senior grades, focusing on more advanced techniques up to 3rd Dan syllabus. We also got our mitts on and did some ju kumite (free sparring) – there are no photos from that session though!


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